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The Russian eCommerce Market at Glance


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The Russian eCommerce market is big, but it has the potential to be HUGE… 30 billion dollars and 70 million online shoppers might sound like a lot, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. And without knowing it, overseas eCommerce retailers are missing out on the action, because of one simple fact:

Many Russians are afraid of buying from abroad.


Why? Because the Russian customs-clearance system is cumbersome, it's slow and can hit consumers with unexpected charges — a nasty surprise when all they want is to enjoy the freedom to shop online and experience the benefits of a global marketplace.

Before a shopper can receive a foreign delivery in Russia, they first have to provide a bank statement to show the actual value of the merchandise.

Then, before they can have their parcel delivered, they have to give their passport number and tax identification number to the courier and then pay them the customs duty directly. It's a stressful process, fraught with suspicion on the part of the customer, and it puts many off.

Enter CY.express — a frictionless interface between you and the huge potential of the Russian eCommerce market.

We give Russian shoppers the confidence to buy online because the entire cost of foreign transactions — the goods, the freight, customs charges, and Last Mile delivery are all shown at the point of sale.

Using CY.express' fully-automated system, all necessary fees and personal data are gathered upfront. It's simple, it's efficient, and when word gets around, it will revolutionise the Russian eCommerce market, meaning a bigger market share for you and more choice for Russian consumers.

Team up with CY.express — we'll help you breach the floodgates of the Russian eCommerce market.


Smooth delivery in just a few easy steps

The customer places an order and pays customs duty at the checkout
You receive a shipping label
Our courier or a courier of your choice picks up the package from your warehouse
The package arrives in Russia; customs clearance and duty are handled automatically
The delivery is passed to the Last Mile operator
The customer's delivery is handed over in person or left in a pre-arranged secure locker

Why do retailers choose CY.express?

API integration for retailers
Secure personal-data processing and enrichment
1-day customs clearance
Customs duty paid on behalf of the customer at the point of sale

Customs clearance for AliExpress parcels in Russia

We started performing customs clearance for Russia-bound AliExpress parcels in March 2020. Our automated workflow enabled us to process more than 40,000 parcels daily. 80% of these parcels didn't require any human input, while the rest were processed by a streamlined AI system with human oversight.